Student Internship

The Internal Audit Department offers internship opportunities to University accounting majors throughout the year. Employment is full-time during the summer and part-time during the academic year. Our offices are located in the Cathedral of Learning, allowing students to easily work in between classes. We post open positions on the College of Business Administration (CBA) job website as positions become available.

Achieving Your Goals

The use of students in the department benefits the students with practical auditing experience and aids the department in meeting its annual goals. Students will work in a professional, business environment with certified professionals; interact daily with various levels of management; and network with peers and leaders in the accounting community.

A Diversified Experience

Work experience includes assisting experienced auditors with:

Year-end financial audit, performed in conjunction with the external auditors
Annual A-133 audit of federally sponsored programs (such as student financial aid and research) , performed in conjunction with the external auditors
Financial audits
Operational audits
Compliance audits
Internal control audits
Information technology audits

Set Yourself Above

We are proud to have contributed to the success of many of our alumni.

"Being part of Pitt IA for almost a year and a half definitely helped me settle in faster at my current job. I wasn't ever really sure how much I would like going into auditing back when I initially applied, but between my experience at Pitt and now at EY, I've definitely come to enjoy the profession. "
Alex H., 2021

“The internship experience with the Internal Audit department is unique in that it provides you with experience in both internal audit and external audit. You will be given the opportunity to work on many audits and maybe even some investigations, providing you with skills that can be used wherever your career takes you next. The internship also gives you the opportunity to work with some great people, do not pass this up!”
Audra H., 2017

“Working with the University of Pittsburgh’s internal audit department presented me with a plethora of opportunities that allowed me to grow both individually and professionally. The success of my internship is mostly due in part to the internal audit staff’s passion about my own success. The staff was extremely helpful and presented me with interesting projects and challenges to work on. When I expressed interest in technology-based audits, the internal audit department ensured that I would be given opportunities to work with IT auditors and take part in some IT audit practices. Every project I worked on felt more personal than other internships because I was working with individuals and departments that made up the very university I was attending. The familiar Pitt environment, and the wonderful internal audit staff is what made my time as an intern the perfect stepping stone into my professional career.”
Greg C., 2017

"The Internal Audit Internship has provided me with an opportunity to understand and be involved in the audit cycle. I have referenced this experience in all of my interviews to show future employers my involvement in the audit process and what I have gained through the internship. As a result of the Internal Audit Internship, I have been able to improve my technical writing and analytical skills. These are valuable skills that I will carry over into my full-time position upon graduation."
Natasa C., 2011-2012

"An internship with the Internal Audit Department is much more than just an experience, it's an introduction to the crucial auditing occupation through various fraud and investigative testing - plus you're working for the best University! Hail to Pitt!"
Ben G. 2011-2012

For further information, contact Jayne McGoey, Assistant Director, at or 412-624-5745.